Accelerating Sports Technology Innovation SURVEY
Thanks for reading my recent blog post about accelerating sports technology development and innovation. I would appreciate it if you could complete this quick survey. It will only take about 2 mins. (In case you haven't read the blog post, you can check it out here:
Which method do you think is most effective in accelerating sports tech innovation? *

Have you taken part in a hackathon, accelerator or incubator? (select all that applies) *

Do you currently work in sports? *

If you work in sports, which area do you work in or what is your role? *

Are you interested to take part in a sports hackathon? *

If you are interested in a sports hackathon, how would you like to be involved? *

If you would like to be a participant, which would you want to be? *

Thank you for completing this Survey!

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